aiming to bring people, including ourselves, into contact with culture.

could involve any kind of art or creative skills.


Boxed Head / Doosmens

The world around us goes on and on. Every day we are overwhelmed by a multitude of stimuli, obligations and worries. How can we withdraw from all this volatility and allow ourselves a moment's rest?

That's what these boxes are for, in which you can stick your head for a well-deserved dose of social therapy. Secluded from the world, out of sight, you and your thoughts come to rest. The sound waves take you out of your daily grind. How long you want the therapy session to last is entirely up to you.

However, staying in the box may not feel completely comfortable. You may feel watched, an outsider standing still where others go on. Even in this isolation, eyes may be on you, whether out of curiosity, envy or admiration, because you know how to press the pause button. For as it works in our society, we always want more - often exactly what we do not have.

Art Week | Rotterdam
19.05.2022 — 22.05.2022

Museum de Lakenhal | Leiden
15.10.2021 — 20.03.2022